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with a great profusion of round and ovoid cells. On staining
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to the action of atropia in the sweating of phthisis and exhaustion, leads me
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this organ itself was displaced downwards and backwards; it was of
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nervous origin, {d) Local mechanical influences (portal congestion) maj- offtr
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proved fatal ; but the latter he regards as extremely doubtful. Other
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and neck; the buttocks, etc.). For the same reason paimles of this
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whole may be said to have died when both respiration and heart beat
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alive without recurrence ; five have died of local recurrence ; one died
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16 eggs of batch (?) kept between 28" and 32" F. for 5 days and then transferred
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any movement, whether on his part or during examination, produced great suf-
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Treatment of Congenital Cleft Palate.— T. W. Bropli
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The June meeting will be held on the 15th, at which there will be
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St. Louis Cour. Med., 1884, xi, 19:j-2U0. Also [Abslr.]:
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cases ; Guersant at one in twenty cases. In the epidemic which occurred
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are as follows : On the evening before commencing the
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optical phantasma, no alteration of colour of surrounding objects, no
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York the leading city of the country in medicine ; perhaps one
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cessful in the treatment of coryza, hay fever, and sub-
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closest being Mississippi) in which an attempt is being
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That there is danger from long-continued hyperpyretic
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are necessary to effect this, are perfectly proper and
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Our readers will be glad to learn that the Rev. Henry
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0'2 ED. MED. 594 — ^NBW SER. — VOL. XVI. — Vf.
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diseases ; and, again, that the severity of many affections is