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tein. If these routes are not available, the next best
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absence of the epithelium. Hence the rice-water evacuations.
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The young doctor left for his office. Two days later he had an-
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for the nominating committee, and the following offi-
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York. — The annual spring luncheon of the auxiliary
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younger, stronger people, because it is a fairly strenu-
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monthly meetings, discuss the interesting cases in the
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members, which shall include one roentgenologist and
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When, however, hiccough acquires an obstinate persistency, for
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nual award “not to exceed $500” for an essay (or
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suprapubic cystostomy was done under local anesthesia.
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health problem in obstetrics, discloses some unpleasant
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ander, Pittsburgh, had been chosen to act as secretary
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ing a proper history may be found in any standard text
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for the bloodless condition of the limbs, from contraction of the
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tions if they want to be well informed. Mrs. Andrew
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dress of President Anderson at last night’s session.
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disease in the adult. In the former there is no painful dys-
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3. Receive instruction in how to fulfill that charge.
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The book has been entirely reset, which indicates that
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erably by an organized state medical society campaign.
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that an organization of doctors’ wives is doubly im-
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As for the wives of the poor, those who do not lie, daughters of
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Potter Willard C. Trushel, Shinglehouse J. Irving Bentley, Coudersport
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Steps were taken to remove it while the patient’s arm
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sented the individual “E” pins to representatives of the
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The preliminary report by Dr. Shilen on the current
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as possible all of these situations are anticipated
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group deferments. The local board has full authority
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wound studies in ten general army hospitals and vene-
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Acting under Section 12 of the Medical Practice Act,
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be considered. Under many circumstances the expense
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works. However, for the student's use 'tis reliable and will be of
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deferred at the request of the directors until replace-
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but the body as well, causing a very rapid decline in
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staff meetings, critical and thorough death analyses,
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called daily patent medicine doctors, by druggists, because they use
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Executive Board Members 25, alternates 10, delegates
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during the hot season, should ask himself whether he can afford
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naire.’’ The committee would like to make its 1943
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ment in Cervical Cancer, J. A. M. A., 118: 271, Jan. 24, 1942.