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pericardial friction sound is often a valuable criterion, and for this purpose

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Dr. Cartledge : I have had, I believe, in all five cases wherein there

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days, and the patient has not been seen till the accession of the

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Case 2 : Patient a very nervous and excitable woman,

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fever. After the abdominal pain, vomiting set in, the abdo-

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Ot(d., N. Y., 1876, v, 18-27. A 2so, Reprint, Also, tranU. :

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May 18-19— Alzheimers Update. Seattle. Thurs-Fri. Contact: U/W.

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On the posterior aspect of the endocardium, upon which rested the

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from the suffering and irritative fevlr that accompany it.

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from the point of view of the General Practitioner.

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tear and rend exudations by it if these exudations be

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and that this vesicle will protect against or modify the smallpox, provided only

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individual treatments repeated a number of times. It would seem

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with the lame limb flexed, or even completely elevated from

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viii, 190; 209; 253; 279; 309, 2 tab. Also, Reprint, in

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meeting of that Board had been called in consequence of a

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herpes zoster, I have shown that we can no longer affirm with

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size of an egg. In a second case occurring in a girl aged 14,

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ever, it is clear that the patterns are strikingly similar.

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wondered at, as he is taking no drugs, and his ventricles are again

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forms me that she flows as much as ever, and will not


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Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Nevada, and

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since birth of child she has been quite free from it.

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ments to the medical practice act of that State by which the

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been observed during the year just passed. But this

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practice, even in districts where no ague is met with. What, for example,