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Constituents. — The most important is (1) tannic acid.
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juice, germinated peas, tinned fruit, and germinated beans.
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Spleen normal, 4 oz. ; kidneys anemic, each 3oz. The
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the priestly function. In one place, for example, it is stated
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was always his aim, if possible, to meet causal indica-
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during which time two attempts to move the joint under an
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tion of the brain-substance as a result of the occlusion of an arterial branch
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sive, partaking more of labor than of pain ; pulse full
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colour, in the fuller and more frequent pulse, in the energetic move-
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vals between the fits, and they come everyday, every week, every months
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willing to only assist in surgery. Contact Dept. 9G9
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vulsive disease, probably owing to worms," anthelmintic remedies are
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Cart-horses are more subject to this disease than any other