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appeared small, hard, and without the slightest tremor

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Dr. Townsend says, on page iv., vol. iii. : " It is a source

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her admission to the Colony, she was observed as having some pseudorayoclonic

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contact with it. After many experiments, he found he could make a

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in more extreme spasm the whole limb is rigidly extended, the heels

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interesting or entertaining, as the speakers generally bore the

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more efficiently than heretofore, in the following manner : The patient was

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he is now absolutel}^ normal, although a little backward in some

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This is opposed to the conclusions of Munk, from which also those of

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sarcasm of events, to learn that this magnificent work is dedicated " to Louis XVI.,

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de dech ; in addition there are for the whole city four medical

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Verdauungsdriisen, Verhandl. d. deutsch. path. Gesellsch., 1907, xi, 291.

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The large and small intestine is affected with about the same

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determining the clear sound at the upper end of the sternum, and bring-

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give ergot to stimulate the flagging energies of the

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The school was formally opened at the Medical College, Oct. 6th,

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not true. He, however, advises so many precautions in order to avoid

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quired to pass through these several grades under the

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trachea. They may be due to syphilis or to tion. So far as the author's cases go, they

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probably was that the doctor was engaged to attend the case of confine-

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cause, the existence of pyloric or duodenal " kinks,** and the con-

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acetylene, and carbon dioxid. A cubic foot of coal gas completely

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be found for them, of giving rise to zymotic disease, the in-

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Report of a Case. Dr. F. C. Simpson: The following case is

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But changing my mind, as I have said, and supposing that there might

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nishing had these been found containing blood, while the vessels

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havuig so far gone on and adopted something which is

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year no fewer than 260 persons died in Stepney, Eng., from old

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mon to obtain as much as one-half to two tablespoonfuls of a muco-

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1963. Goluboff, Bernard, 413 W. Mermaid Lane (19118)

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skin soon begin to exhibit a fluid on their summits. They do

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a case of phthisis, as the associated inflammatory complications