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Calculation of Results. — The number of cc. of 0.02 N NaOH used

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from the relief of pain, vomiting, dyspnoea, and sleeplessness more than

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The second aortic tone is increased in hypertrophy of the left ven-

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England alone succumb to the attacks of this treacherous disease.

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habit, quite tall and thin. On arrival, found that he had

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The brain was somewhat oedematous. The heart was natural. The

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test is unnecessary, as it is generally so well known. Therefore we

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bleached or wliitish appearance, of firm consistency, and almost scirrhous

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precipitate the development of other social evils wliich are

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followed in recent years, is to have a competent micro-

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A vaccine was prepared from the bacillus, and I employed it in

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90 Ely, Cod-liver Oil in supposed Phthisis Pulmonalis. [July

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Charles Morehead, M.D. Edin., 17, Devonshire-terrace,

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crude ingesta; occurs in the course of the exanthemata, and in many

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in the same box. The noxious ones were rejected, the escu-

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by the complications. Haemorrhage of the intestines is one of the

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tected in one eye only. In eighteen cases the atrophy was partial, and

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torily made out. During the month of May the dairyman himself had bee

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regulates the practice of medicine and surgery in this state, it may

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which was followed by transient improvement. He gradually got worse,

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cal Register of the U. S., now in course of preparation by

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that is, i to -J centimetre, to which extent the urethra has been

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it is necessary that prostitutes be periodically in-

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all, the British 477 francs per hectolitre. The crea-