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" purely theoretical." The occurrence of convulsions during this act

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suppurative stage of amoebic abscess of the liver, and its rapid cure by

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tions in the pleura and pericardium of scorbutic persons. Owing to

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blood without undergoing further alteration, and if this substance did

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and useless classification of the various forms of skin-disease into innu-

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or complaints. His pulse rose from an average of 70 to 96.

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and outer aspects of the thigh, and over the posterior, external

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a solution of one or two grains in one hundred drops of water be em-

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urea excreted, in spite of the small percentage contained in the

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ing alcohol, such as French brandy, or eau de cologne, may be em-

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unrecognizable during life, and is of more moment in a pathological

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disease continues, the kidney trouble may grow worse, and entire

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the consequent softening, do not extend to the corpus striatum and

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ashed with much self-satisfaction, are exceptions, as said before.

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quite apart from any sort of treatment, there not infrequently

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abscesses. Venous thrombosis, especially of the crural vein, not

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the groups of vesicles are arranged much as they are in zoster of the

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standard. Some authors formerly thought that in chronic

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dealing with incorrigibles of the " Jane Cakebread " order, or

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ground for the hypothesis that chorea is dependent upon a dispropor-

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tiva occurs from apoplexy, the eye may be touched without the pa-

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portion of the liquid that he drinks. In the researches and experi-

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however, was by no means what had been anticipated of them, and

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Although, as before said, neither pain in the region of the kidney,

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gether enigmatical. The slighter degree of suppression, which is the

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-« Wright and Douglas: Proc. Roy. Soc, Vols. LXXII. and LXIII.

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time and returns again, and continues moderately, the disease begins