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the shaft of the long bones of young animals, such as

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TvRnELL, Sophia Evelvk, daughter of W. J. Tyrrell, Army Medical

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As has been said, the Roentgen rays take cognizance of the

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the child, and sometimes extensive laceration of the perineum, or rupture

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absent from the pharynx and tonsils are those of true diphtheria It

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Dr. S r Lewis Ziegler exhibited two eyes operated on by com-

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which came sharp and quick, he never faltered, so sure he was of

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Of the total number of cases only 17 were those of chil-

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were in December and January ; 48 were in February and March ; 30

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vulsive disease, probably owing to worms," anthelmintic remedies are

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The treatment of appendicitis by applying poultices

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of hot water every two hours, until the stools are watery.

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B.A.O. Degrees, during six months (of which at least

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and taking hold of the fence, the boy managed to raise him-

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ings and with the best of hospital service. It is this dangerous

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exactly critical temperature is not determinable, since cultures not

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to exist. I said, *' Doctor, that is all very well if the object of

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sense and of common sensibility, are, from the beginning

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16, trachea ; 17, cushion of epiglottis ; 18 and 19. cunei

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saw him for the first time, in consultation with his regu-

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1. — Vaccinia. Course of the eruption from the fourth to the

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affirmed that hardly a case of pulmonary tuberculosis escapes a greater or

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left second division. Neither .'100 mg. of Dilantin

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cause of discontinuation of therapy in 0.28% of hypertensive patients. In clinical trials in heart failure, hyperkalemia was

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and leaving him in it undisturbed for fifteen minutes, or

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The intense heat with which the country has been pretty generally visited

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substance of blood is lecithin. This theory has, however, some

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Opinion has favored the theory that syphilis was introduced into

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or function is deranged must be most vague and indefinite."

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