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local morbid process, notably incipient tuberculosis, but it also indi-

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upon the cancer tissues beneath the skin as upon superficial growths, there

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stage of syphilis (usually from one to two years), con-

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protozoa. The Bacillus coli, for example, is said to grow in virulence

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of fire, so that this remedy of Dr. Weisse is opposed to the most vulgar

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given preferably in the diluted form of wine or beer, or

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spirit of enterprise which has prompted its production, will, we feel

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could still be recognised by auscultation and percussion, by the

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the head louse (Pediculus capitis) may also transmit the infection.

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from its great success in hydrocele ; reducing the strength from pre-

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The oesophagus measured 19 cm. from the lower margin of the

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fiict that retention of dead (pulpless) teeth in the jaws is

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Dr. Carlisle remarked that he had been under the impres-

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Confederate States, that he remained purposely away from there

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weeks to twelve years. One was changed from vaccine and

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prevention of the disease depends entirely upon a knowledge of the

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various cases the apoplectic condition is more rarely accompanied by

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cludes his extensive studies of urinary cryoscopy with the statement

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be thankful that he died in ignorance of the inexcusable crime

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At a recent session of the Societe de biologic of Paris

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convergence of hypermetropic eyes, and the consequent convergent strabismus,

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XXXV, 425. — ljucas (.J.) A case of remittent fever, witb

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ure system, and maintained that a man would learn mid-

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Calcutta column, might, however, be paralleled in this country — an instance of

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Thursday St. George's, 1 p.m.— Central London Ophthalmic,