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Bv Sir Benjamin r. Brodie, F. R. S. London: Longman, 1846. 8vo.
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tion, 2 years ; severity, 2. [Thirteen sittings ; complete relief.*]
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tional treatment to consist of a smart purgative, followed by
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left-sided lesion which cause alexia. (See p. 1117.) The following figure explains
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for this purpose. The dose must be increased from time to time, so as to
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rather favored by the ingestion of starchy food. The seat of origin of
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the digestive organs, but that in others it is traceable to neither. So also it
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laboratory tests may be determinative. In cases in which there is some
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1 Report of the cases of Smallpox received into the Philadelphia City Hospital iu
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In order to prevent, we must first understand some-
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vance of the invasion, pointing out the steady progress of the
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where abscesses are comparatively rare. Suppuration
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Diabetes, glucose formation from protein in ; N. W. Janney 584
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peculiar action on the whole economy. Hence, in a case of hepatitis or
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edge. . . . Am I therefore doing medicine an injustice
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Only two of these epidemics, viz., that of 1810 and that
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