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Sir William Church, the present president of the Royal

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patient. Especially must knives, scissors, etc., be kept

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Books for reviews, and all communications relating to the columns of the journal, should be

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agent was itself alkaline or acid, the amount of this was

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the pulmonary parenchyma is more tolerant than is generally supposed, and

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water are contained in a membrane forming a sac. The water is

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the entire right and upper third of left side ; over the lower

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The eye was enucleated. The second case was one of unsuccessful attempt

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Human Body. In the Statistical Society's Journal, of

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reaction. Exceptionally, constipation exists, and I have known the dejec-

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larger joints ; that he has seen the fingers crooked with it,

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But what ought to have been done on our part? Every

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tive system, or allow the regular action of your bowels to be interrupted.

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death we find myomalacia, sanguineous infiltration, fatty

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must not be considered as peculiar forms of either. Of the oc-

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medullary jxirtion grayish and atrophied ; pelvis di-

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Dr. Senn has recently applied the principle of the method of myo-

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covering the part does not appear red and swollen, or warmer than

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present he is able to move about by supporting himself on

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Stille's Therapeutics is incomparably the best work

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Every person who has attended to the subject, is aware that

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porti nioi liosi e.sistenti fia gli organi della respiia/.ione e

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The Medical Society of London, reformed under that name in

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The ER nurse noted that the child was hyperventilating,

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ness of the lower limbs. Paralysis and anaesthesia are rarely if ever complete, and

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piteously ; and when he tried to move about he met with

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cases of diphtheritic paralysis. In one of them, the patient, a man aged 38,

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sence of respiratory murmur, the presence of a flat

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Hospital had been granted to the Seamen's Hospital Society

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The provisions of chapter 256, laws of 1881,. as amended, are now