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however, that the emmetropic eye is the normal eye. And
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trouble is we do not make the women take off their corsets nor
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and stunting at low altitudes brought about this recommendation.
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or his "meat solution," or milk witii the addition of egg (the election of any
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tinual movements, the patient is but little fatigued.
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Biett, one of the physicians of St. Louis, on the contrary,
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bones, particularly in cases of caries, it is well known, has, as yet,
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also served on the pension board of the Spanish American War, from 1900 to 1906.
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mission to go and see Dr. Dunn, who was a relative, and I readily gave
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Indian-Meal Gruel.— Stir gradually into a quart of boiling water two tablespoonfuls of Indian
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older authors practised very large bleeding. F. H. Ramsbotham says
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analogue of catarrh* It is the most common of all diseases of the
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quite to an upright posture, without any cause dis-
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either throughout or in part — analogous to similar condi-
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cow's milk for infants : to the third week, three parts
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often overlooked, by the best physicians, it is conceived that the history
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and physician to the Moslem rulers of Tunisia). Little is known of Petrus de Montagnana except
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as a suitable beverage for the working classes. When
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Clinical Investigation— Papers that authors wish considered for the Clinical
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make a diagnosis between them and a detached retina. I never saw a case
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and extremities, which run a rapidly fatal course, and exhibit phenomena
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powerful impressions on the senses. In such cases, however, complete
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Gray brought forward seemed to him to be conclusive. It shows that the former pa-
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question the fact of loco poisoning. Sheep, too, are erratic about
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poor, upon the plan of provincial hospitals in England and France, they