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found, the blood gradually assumes its normal constitution.

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cent, of bromide of potassium ; they recur wdien the proportion

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Ducloux in Tunis, in 1894, spread to the people of that place,

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to the serum, would suffice to check the disease if the trouble

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present state of medical knowledge, and a spirituous extract of

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which has shown material benefit has been 'f'"^' and we must of necessity come to

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various forms of bacteria and fungi, and pus, and thorough cleanse them,

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me. Symptoms were carefully regarded and looked into, and the

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coat of the intestine, causing movement in it, and thus promoting

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and the Mother Country was searched, and over a thousand /^ / '^ .-

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State — you gentlemen who are doing a large the medical profession is for, and, if that is

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peculiar fungus, which will develop under favourable circum-

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ry instruments had been unsuccessfully used, I directed the patient

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I regret that circumstances have caused ^"'^ ^^^ ^l^'" becomes warm and red and

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land presented a large quantity to the hospital ; and for our own

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were tried in this case with no real benefit. Iron also was tried,

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and which may vary in size from two to four centimeters or

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cooks, and in the barns they help to care citement or restlessness a mild sedative is

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May 10th. — Has had no medicine since April 1.9th, when he

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" smut theory' " of its etiology appears to have been the pre-

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very quiet and undisturbed, measurably free from pain or distress. A slight ex-

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direction of the divided muscle is often quite lost, constituting in

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the bacteria of human and of bovine tuberculosis. To what

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pamphlet, and it will be an immense gain to practical medicine

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halmoscopy, etc., etc., $50.(J0. >'o charge made

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5. The technique is simple. much blood, or, in cases of shock, the veins

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Charlotte, N. C. wrong. Whenever the State Societj' meets

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gestion, which, however great, we may infer from the absence of

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preted as due to malaria or diarrhea; me- frequently they have a reputation in the

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versant with the action of the State Medical Society, are familiar

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the animals, although infected, may yet be utilized for some

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spoken of as a "galvanic battery;" that if any one talked of

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depends upon the medium and the stage of development of the individ-