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come affected only at a late stage and in rare cases, that

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cranial operation for attacking the ganglion. We regret that there has

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indication of unsteadiness ; at other times there is very marked stagger-

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aphygmograph is applied and the respiration becomes automatic,

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From the ganglion the second division measured 13 mm., and the third

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and parturition — ^and that will be lasting in its results

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icent results ; that chloroform is safe in a vast majority of instances, but

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study of their action, all these he sees as a part of the

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and down over the course of the nerve with the finger tips,

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ear are very intricate, and a large proportion of them incurable ; but

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The patient made a good recovery, — suffering evidently from the

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ation should be performed, and the extent and nature of the

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pyema,'' by Dr. James H. Dunn, Minneapolis. These papers were

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have any appreciable retarding action upon the chemical processes of

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The meeting was called to order and the following papers read :

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The experiments were made upon rabbits which were poisoned by phenyl-

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necessary, ver}' materially facilitates the reactions and should always

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Weichselbaiim's diplococcus intracellularis meningitidis. In

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tiguous kangaroo-ligature was applied without rupturing the internal coat of

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PEDIATRICS. The Hygienic and Medical Treatment of Children.

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equal parts of guaiacol and glycerin to relieve the intercostal neuralgia of

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Dr. Lamphear's conclusions are that the field for craniotomy is a