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injection of tumor material. Goose A had received three intravenous and ten

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and on that fact founded his theory that the cause of the

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Uterine Pregnancy"; Mr. Marshall and Dr. Graily Hewitt,

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to procure sleep are the great objects of treatment. Careful feedin£r

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This opinion has been fully indorsed by hundreds of physicians whose

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The use of chloral in the first stage of labor does not interfere with

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Int. J. Radiation Oncology Biol. Phys. Vol. 16, pp. 857-865, 1989

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beneath him in rank, by whom he had several children, all healthy.

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The February issue of Reader’s Digest, reprinting an

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There was no true vesicular breathing ; there was no crepitation :

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serological test results may be misinterpreted if cer-

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it, and making up the deficiency by the unwholesome alcohol

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where that does not exist, it will too often be found to fail

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before them from six millions during the whole period of the draft, and

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the attachment of a splint, eight or ten inches in length, both of which

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village in New Jersey, formerly rejoicing in the classical name of Bottle

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taken, substitute ablumen water (white of one egg in a glass of

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eductae. In his: et obs. nied. pliys.. 12°, Parisiis,

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has been done by such unreliable, demonstrative assertions. The

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As prominent among those not in entire accord with the views above

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closely resemble cases of erythema multiformis, but

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These symptoms increased in frequency and severity,

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suspension, their abatement or their temporary removal.

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The patient was removed to the Maryland General Hos-

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patient. In the cases in which I have opened such enormous cysts,

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by effervescent magnesium citrate, this to be repeated two hours after

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offers us a pathological theory Avhich suggests a truly

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tion of acidulated sulphate of iron four times a day.

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a large reduction in the mortality from the affection.