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to the same hypotonic solution. In a slightly hypotonic saline solution the osmotic
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affections, as quinine is a specific in ague, and mercury in syphilis.
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used each time was from one-half to three-fourths drachm,
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Eleventh Annual Meeting of this Association will be
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hard, and had a slight degree of mobility. It was situated at the angle
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questioned that its career has been fruitful of good works.
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digy, but otherwise almost an idiot, is said to be an example.
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cover its tonicity (thorough kneading being used mean-
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the spleen generally increases one or more centimetres in its
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their lives. In both of these respects the females were a little less
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bed, covered in at its root and sides by infoldings of the skin, and only free
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of forceps coincident with the lowest rate of mortality to mother and
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some abrasion, caused by syringes or other instruments, through
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Golumn 9 gives the total quantity of electricity employed,
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ing the chair of Political Economy in Amherst College. A. JI. San-
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tating character, its wide range of usefulness and its freedom from every objectionable
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discusses the various theories as to etiology and its differential
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have caries and projection of the spine. In this case, you see, there is
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Dr. H. W. Loeb, of St. Louis, Mo., reported the removal of 107
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the physiology and pathology of the gland seem to warrant this pre-
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spinal marrow, the eye, the interior ear and placenta.
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cubic centimeters of salt solution caused death within ten to twenty