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Bacillus coli communis, it is decolorized by Gram's method In plate
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in May, 1911, with recurrence early in July, 1912. She was admitted to the
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thus. Then the muscle is divided, the conjunctival suture is
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ued extension io that of position in cas* of fracture, as employed at the
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be bent less, not more, and the result would be a reversal
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tends to persist even when the cause which gave rise to it has ceased to
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deposed a local secretary of the British Medical Association, " that the
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— 6. Idem. Hebra's Hautkrankheiten, 1876; vol. ii. p. 288. — 7. Juffinger. Das
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stantly when he attempts to speak. Naming of common
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lobar pneumonias in the state of reddish-gray or gray hepatization,
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No. 8, are numerous colonies on the side of the upper sponge. They are
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disease. It has been supposed that changes ought to be found in the motor
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in this state desire to participate. The Council has
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Medicinal treatment is of little use; in the milder attacks, the
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in capsule or on sugar) ; fluid extract of spigelia (f 5j-f3iij))
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iudoment of the Court. The action was brought by the administratrix
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nancy, which may be looked upon, therefore, as merely aggravating the con-
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this aff'ection " (the symmetrical nodosities of the hands,
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Thus Fibroma, consisting of absolutely nothing but fibres, in all its
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camera is attached. The camera is swung in front of
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it is expectorated in the morning and goes under the head of " a
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that the patient was suffering from a lesion of Deiters' nucleus.
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1th to 14:th January. — During this week the patient has suffered
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taken into a carriage for a drive, like encaged birds, they are restless
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physicians as a whole are better paid than ever be-
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