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eyes, or exophthalmia, is pathologically accounted for in several

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the mothers having had large families before, the children not unusually

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Lehrbuch der Kinderkraukheiten. Von Dr. Alfred Vogel,

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Calhoun, S F., 4193, New York, Med. Dept Univ. City of .Vew York, May 4, 1895

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friction sounds). The true nature of indefinite breathing can often be

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ered. I looked upon the case as one of nervous trouble, bor-

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from the notes taken by said firm, and are mostly given verbatim.

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Sooner or later, also, there occurs either cardiac dropsy — insidiously

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of great use in steadying the heart's action, and Da Costa found that bella-

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in the British Pharmacopoeia, lUxv to iTlxxx, is much too small. Dr.

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hours, unguentum hydragyri under the abdominal binder daily.

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against the teeth. The back part of the tongue, on the contrary,

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in their dilution value that it was obvious that we were not dealing

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M. Guilleton observed that he had always found the ether

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aware of a tumor in her right breast in the spring of 1869. In February, 1870,

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Tlio two mi^'lit ocoiir to^'ollior ; and it wyiil<l not In- a Hiii|iris-

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that is caused by this operation in different patients. The third case is still

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and obstinate constipation; or, again, hyperpituitarism with the syn-

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ess may be looked for with almost absolute certainty.

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tered, it is most effective when given in solution, its solvency being secured

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is always a hyperglycsemia, however, the amount of sugar in the circu-

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or salvarsan, proved to be ideal in its effects. It destroyed com-

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bleached or wliitish appearance, of firm consistency, and almost scirrhous

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sequent condition of the patient. Personally, I believe

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of his lack of a suitable plan. He visited Gen Somer-

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or oil-drops. Muscles are especially prone to this change, it is often

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joint." Also in the aoth line of the same article, for " tendons

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digitalis, nux vomica and coca. But heart tonics are often much

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to the great comfort of womankind, be cast into the furnace ;

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of the ventral aspect of these parts of the central nervous system. Buch-

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have been seen much enlarged, thickened, and of almost cartilaginous

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taining. However this may be, it is largely consumed

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taken to the Reception Hospital in Chambers Street,

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The treatment of fungus growths consists of the local appli-

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minal coma. Metastatic purulent meningitb, with its usual symptoms (hemi-

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Pavia, 1898, xv, 85-87. — Tronsiiieau (A.) Traitement

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useless. Consider for a moment these depressing statistics. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is the leading cause of

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Interstitial Hepatitis. See Cirrhosis of the Liver.

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