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Pollock bill which is now pending in the Senate. The Pollock

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the use of the Alexander fluid, 5 minims every second day,

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and Sw., dr. 1-4 (cc. 4.-15.). D., m. 10-30 (cc. .6-2.). Anthelmintic

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I presume that acne must frequently have been mistaken for tubercular

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divided septum he placed a splint, and lightly packed with gauze for twenty-four

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in all probal)ility recurrent seizures imply the formation of

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potassium, 3 drams, water in proportion, every G hours.

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Fig. 6. Placenta, Cow 127, which gave birth to a full term calf. The epi-

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coagula which they form, and which are apt to excite vomiting. Bran-

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seconds are enough; as soon as the flame turns green it is extinguished. The

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by fever, which continued for two weeks, but which possessed none of the characters

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cancer, viz., lysins directed against the corpuscles of other animals

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*' 16th. — A severe rigor, after which he sank rapidly, and died

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the practice of medicine have contributed to the stresses of medicine. ArMA

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The most serious consequence of this tuberculous arthritis is its

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rib, in some cases there is an exaggeration of the angle of the rib, poster-

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work." It is probable that this well-known fact accounts for the

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human being is an animal, the processes that occur in the dif-

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hydrates are concerned principally in heat production,

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taking as text a case history in which frerjuent severe at-

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and the tumor receded a little. During tiiis time the

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while cholera and diphtheria bacilli are destroyed, the same result is accom-

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Gonorrhea is much more prevalent than syphilis, and common opin-

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mouse and rat the chal-acteristic symptoms of paraxan-

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closed it up. No drainage. The operation took abjut

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Seven persons being in one room, representing, respec-

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put up in this carbolized oil, do not owe their aseptic con-