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holding the needle, permitted its curve to lie first over the anterior

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anesthetic. Lesions are seldom strictly confined to one side of the cord, but

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gery of the frontal sinuses. Lancet, Lond., 1897, i, 1609-

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quantity, in the left cavities of the heart. Lungs fully expanded.

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studied. There is difficulty in measuring the globu-

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Exercising device. No. 562389 ; .1 uiie 21, 1896,— Orauert

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subsequently depressed. The higher centres connected with

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original infection of the carp is supposed to have been due to human

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upon the underlying bone disease, the frequency of and dangers

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eighteen cases of acute and chronic intestinal catarrh and in seven

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pains. To assist the physician during the expulsion of

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posteriorly, but did not there exceed three quarters of an inch, except close to

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ing, descriptions of which themselves, would necessarily constitute

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an affection of the tonsils. Primary tuberculosis of the

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of the gland, this writer 1 assumed the blood-pressure-raising constituent to be

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wearingly. I have not copied all the excerpts which

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adding some irritant to the circulating fluid the effect is

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recent death of both his sons and the extinction of

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nursemaid had been listening at the door, and on her evidence

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man, however, reports a number of successes, as well as some

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many cases. Bearing on the theory that this may be aided by a re-

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may be secured after patient waiting for five or ten minutes; in

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informal, rather than written and formal. On account of the

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to which the name of locomotor ataxia has been given may

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fatigable Medical Officer of the Privy Council as Sir John Simon.

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must of necessity be an additional factor, especially in the later stages

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Great imp>ortance attaches to the cardiac affections that so frequently ac-

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follows- (I) A man, temperate, well fed, and living in

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functional, to irritation, congestion or inflammation of the brain or

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several times daily ; that was nothing like a constant administra-

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recent operation for suppurative appendicitis I sutured the superior portion of

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changes except in the immediate vicinity of the tumor,

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at a diagnosis in Case I. In this instance the exaggerated systolic-

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after the introduction of the needle the aneurism sac be-

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an excessive amount of urates, presenting a condition of uric acid deposit

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of spastic paralysis in children come to the hospi-

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anopsia due to cerebral lesion, and called attention to

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ichthyol as an antiseptic, analgesic, antiphlogistic, and bactericide.

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iyclitis, since it is a well-known fact that eserine is a direct irri-

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by Professor Thomas Fillebrown, of Boston ; and one

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it and it slipped from my fingers and was lost. Fi-

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inflammatory action may be present; but I cannot think them gene-

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times a day. Venesection is at times of wonderful benefit under these

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first intercostal space indicates the extension of the tumor to the I'ight.

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much about anatomy, I was sent to cup smallpox patients.

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this is the cause of the secondary syphilitic symptoms, which were

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1892 Day, J. Marshall, M.B., Univ. Dublin, Resident Medical Officer Crk.

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lutteus bcakafi'cubet i fabriker och iudustriella inriittnin-