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3. Give the normal diameters of the superior and inferior straits of the female pdvis-

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It was decided to take the area covered at 2.66 /z by a sHt 0.025

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barometric pressure and rainfall. A^ery many co-efficients were calculated, but

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Memoirs of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester. VoL

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stomach and intestines. This is most likely to occur when any im-

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superficial ulceration. The edges of the ulcers are not under-

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connection with a neuroma of the right hand, the result of injury. The

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Sec 7. In sparsely settled sections, the Board shall

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be continued, in doses of sufficient size, and with such frequency as would

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watchful care of the medical staff, the disease gained an entrance and

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or not reported. Serious conditions sometimes follow recovery, such

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checklists which may be reproduced and used by office staff.

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disease to-day as a peculiar form of tic neurosis or