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excretory ducts of the testes ; usually the result of acute inflammation of

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and, as a rule, their lungs were permanently damaged, even if

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to the Public Health Service medical record librarian students and other

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Eespecting the actual working out of such a curriculum, the

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evidence that the renal ganglia are feeling the . effect of the general excitement. In

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ral results on the mind. Although Miss H., at the beginning cf

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to a more rapid loss of weight. The rapid method usually

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of our society and the advantages of its annual meetings. The

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A half dozen bleached sponges were taken, enclosed in gauze,

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pass directly into the alveoli; but diffuses from the wider air passage into

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by that. It must be very evident, and therefore unnecessary to repeat, that

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comparison with other forms of the disease, the pulmonary, cardiac or renal com-

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about the points and muscles, the rash, and negative bacteriological

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Da. Fi.m.i SOS considered it a choice of methods to attain 8 certain

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of same to the Secretary before April 1, so that the program can be

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8. State propositions relating to measurement of vol-

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face presents in particular affections. In common acute fever \

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these ladies within a week after their reception into the church and

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20th, 1869. Mr. Martin recommended it as a method of converting liv-

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to thirty seconds, by which time the film will be fixed by the methyl

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Bruce came to the conclusion that there was certainly mastoid

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barrassed by the slight but continuous pressure on the

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a prejudicial influence upon his physical condition by

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efit of a group of sectaries. For it can in no way be

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proposed as cost-effective means for screening obstetric pa-

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used in every case in which it becomes necessary. At the onset, in bad

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learned from the three captive negroes that news had been received

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Cases illustrating the conservative surgery of the hand and fingers. II. This patient


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Yoder, M.D., Winston-Salem; Karl Schaffle, M.D., Asheville.

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ethambutol, rifampin and streptomycin are considered

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is not the question which interests the physician and physiologist ; it