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and physician to the Moslem rulers of Tunisia). Little is known of Petrus de Montagnana except
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explained. It does not depend on a diminution of hair-forming material
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controlled by sponging the body with cold or tepid water,
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amined any adenomata of the uterus, the particular class
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and rain fell on the 7th, 9th, 10th, 1 Ith, and 15th.
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artery usually fail to pulsate, and ischaemia in the elevated position
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A pulse at once unequal and irregular is a much more serious
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through sand with some difficulty. From a given pumping station it
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centre for the leg-muscles lies nearer the median plane than that for the
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Singer (1905). Journal of Tropical Medicine, viii. 17. (Goitre.)
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which are perfectly satisfactory. Have had equal success with it in urethritis,
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Mitchell, and they will appear in The News at inter-
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Alfred Beebe, who are thoroughly trained and careful bacteriologists.
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in the western part of Massachusetts, some fifteen or twenty years ago.
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and Tuffier* in which a hard swelling as large as an
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less toxic; that the remarkable variations in the susceptibility
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over the the circulatory and nervous systems. It possesses in a pre-
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cases as the three v.hich I have brought before you;
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A new Synopsis of Nosology, founded on the Principles of Pathological
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a foeticide. Intentional and deliberate killing must find its
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fourteen. The orifices of the canals, called the ducts of Belli-