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from which it is separated by cartilage. The lateral in-

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treatment due care must be exercised in dealing with the upper and outer

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Charles Morehead, M.D. Edin., 17, Devonshire-terrace,

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observers at 8 to 1 (Erb), 3i to 1 (Cyon), 2^ to 1 (Carr6, Schulze). Eulenburg

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supposed to be due to heredity, should be carefully exam-

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cover its tonicity (thorough kneading being used mean-

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They were enabled to take in extra cases as the result of the

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probably have been successful, as they are much more susceptible

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duskiness of the countenance, and wandering of the mind, twitching of the

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remedies for syphilis. In cellulitis he gave it in ten-grain

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it caused some impediment to deglutition and speech ; and on Monday,

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danger by compressing the abdominal viscera and interfering with tJie

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other fowls have free access to the privy contents and may readily

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ales, 3— dropsy on the brain, 1— dropsy, 1— disease of the spine, 1— complicated disease, 1— bilioaa

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and the liquid within the nasal cavities be blown out

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Another primary lesion described is the small abscess,

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By adding to cow's milk, therefore, half its volume

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The Historical Landmark in Exfoliative Cytology George N. Papanicolaou, New York

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6 N. Y. Med. Jour., 1891, ')3, p. 201, cited after Price-Jones.

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determine the question of virulence, and they regarded as

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the saphenous valves. There being a limit to the dis-

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When the fact-sifting was over, the Brookings people

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mal or otherwise. (5) Calculus impacted in the ureter. (6)

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in the British Pharmacopoeia, lUxv to iTlxxx, is much too small. Dr.

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