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This chapter concludes the first part of this work, the part devoted to
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any Marine Hospital, Public Health Service Relief Sta-
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Bronchiectasis, dependent upon syphilitic peribronchitis or interstitial
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reagents, &c. The attendance of a special clinical
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which is of great importance surgically. In the female infant the
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In mitral stenosis compensation of the right heart fails somewhat earlier than
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In animals previously acted on by an antigen, the antibody mechanism
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The first stage, in which the patient is rendered insensible and inca-
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Dr. S. Leduc, Professor of Medicine in the School of
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midwife when the child is bom. Other causes of blindness are
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April 7th. Temperature, A.M., 97.4°; P.M., 99.6°. Pulse,
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me, and in whom acute pleurisy with effiision occurred
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Hartshorn and Oil, Oil and Turpentine, Essence of Mustard, or
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Divisions of the American Expeditionary Force, in active fighting,
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prevailing opinion of that period, that arteries were closed by
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