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my patients than those I give now.^ You must not suppose that an advance in
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strength. The house itself accommodates about sixty patients.
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break of this fever; this being the first epidemic of any ex-
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Diiraenil, in considering the subject of unilateral paralysis of the velum
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of Langerhans. According to Kohn, the carotid gland and the coccygeal
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Dr. Goffredi, of Naples, calls attention to the value of
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metropolis began was discovered to have been exposed to fouling
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lodid. potassii, 5ii.; glycerin, ┬žss., for external use. This formula has
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of which you were the Medical Superintendent. The effect of
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This table shows that the pelvic floor projection is greatly
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The old teaching was crisis comes on the fifth, seventh, ninth or
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is often marked flaccidity of the abdominal Avail. The occasional appear-
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The urine is scanty. A few ounces only may be passed in twenty-four
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the occurrence and in the localization of this class of lesions.
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surgical experience of each individual operator. In the history
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an early reaction ("secondary reaction"). Generally the organism cannot
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The profession have long been familiar with Mr AYells's account
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elephant, the sheep, the ox, even in the common fowl, and in
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From the recent reports of the Registrar General it appears that the
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into consideration we were brought to realize that thy-
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have inhalations of chloroform, but he pulled round from that. For
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the quantity of the other alcohols is much less ; it has
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gynecologist will, if heeded, save the life of many a
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service of the country, and that it would tend to procure a
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structure, deposited both anteriorly and behind the scrotum, are nearly all re-
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as an isolated symptom. In the latter case it comes on quite suddenly,
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J{ev. J. Speiir, Bi^rgcntown, Gloucester county, N. J.
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enlarging to permit the free passage of the breath, or the trachea is dimi-