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consider that prehistoric man did not suffer from enlarged
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organ with the irritating substances (cantharides, blistering fluids) which
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I throw this out tentatively, because Dr. Morton and others have gone
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(^Deutsch Med. Wochschr. ) reports three cases of erysipelas
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3. Quoted by Brahmer-Schwechten : Eisenbahnliygiene, Gustav Fischer, Jena,
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palpating finger, the palpable recognition of -the haustra, and finally
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practitioners resident in such division ; and that such nomination paper must be in the
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typhoid fever, or 9 per 100,000 inhabitants. Berlin is also
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" I have found much larger discs, and bearing a closer resem-
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tion. Obstructions in the capillaries are generally due to agencies which also
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and was followed by a very intense asthma and urti-
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fourth year in the Medical Faculty of the University of Toronto,
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about medicine. He had read Celsus, whom he holds to have
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permission to apply for three months' extension, to take
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April 1902, when she complained of again passing blood.
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Elliott Colburn, of Chicago ; first vice-president, Dr. W. Scheppegrell,
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Rogers with one of tincture of iodine. In each of these
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tions. As stated in the preface, it is written with a twofold
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ly balancing our technology, our humanity and our wisdom
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This patient remained under treatment for two months, the remedies em-
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muscular layer, but showed no evidences of ulceration.
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by Means of Intratracheal Injections of Pneumococcus Type I Vaccine.