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two specimens at most are found. As evening approaches, however,
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is usually more or less conscious. In connection with falling, con-
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Section 2. Active members shall be residents of America,
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warrant a diagnosis of abscess pressing upon the trachea. A plaster
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sufficient by any means to bear out the statement that
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agency of the cellular membrane. Whether this gas is formed in the
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until the advent of loss of flesh and strength and the progressive develop-
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Treatment. — Extension and counter-extension. Reduction is
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with other evidences of improved cardiac tone and an increase in the
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as much as any other class of professional men, find it
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appear as the disease increases in intensity; as a general rule, the
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10th July : To be temporary Captain — Temporary Lieu-
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versity of Minnesota Medical School last June. Dr. Ar-
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operation was obviously as yet only in its infancy, but that the
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which determines the same changes in the arterial tubes." It
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will be influenced, till at length respiratory insulflcicncy be*
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Council and was a paper of the greatest interest as it
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Martin and O'Brien {Intercolon. M. J. Australas., June 1901) carried
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quest, a similar course will be presented next winter. Dr.
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clusion not only in regard to the type of the functional disturbance, but
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If urine be freed from its phosphates by a magnesian
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ganic acid would have saved him a great deal of trouble
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opium eaier was generally known by his care-worn countenance, and his
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oxygen gas administered by a special apparatus. He believes
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Finally, as in syringomyelia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or progressive
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South or in the North, yet it never became epidemic in tne army, even
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Quarterly Medical Journal, care of Messrs. Trdbner and Co., London," through their
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the following conditions : nifies that the obstruction is due to a stone,