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tranquil ^ child's sleep." I have been called hurriedly
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As regards the effect produced on menstruation by interstitial
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position is the fact that in some of these cystic spaces definite red blood
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2. " Having now considered the Scottish Board of Health
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or postpone the call to defecate, when it occurs eitlier after or before the time
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this difficulty could be successfully overcome. We have already
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t^'pe, frequently following diabetes, pregnancy, alcoholism, influenza,
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actual inflammation or ulceration of the intestinal raucous membrane,
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for defecation which is caused by the pressure of accumulated fecal
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throughout the land was aroused, until Dr. T. O. Edwards of this city,
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• I -e was flushed, he had an occasional fit of cough-
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to be seen at St. George's, of a more diversified character
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tain bacilli, with which guinea-pigs have been successfully inoculated.
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a neuroma of the hand. He had passed without trouble
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have classified among the cutaneous tuberculoses, and which there-
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I am prepared to think that there is a possibility of marked benefit
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later stages of the disease the movements become much ex-
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is the probable explanation, and we remember to have seen a like phenomenon
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bandage a limb firmly with a strong calico roller over ordinary frac-
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form at first, according to Bostrom, a thin gelatinous layer, consisting of
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up his knowledge of minute anatomy, and be re-exam-
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were of no use. She had severe backache and could only micturate when tiie
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thigh abotit two inches above the internal angle of the base of the
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and considers it an injustice that he should be compelled to
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is very interesting to me to watch every child and keep tab. I
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agents have been removed, and yet the child is not born, and she must
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more easily than I had ever seen in cases where the crotchet was used
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history was recorded. A male, born in Illinois, age 54. occupa-
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here referred to, we quote actual dietaries which amply represent the
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stance is introduced into the interior of a Crookes tube. It
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of the a^ed are shown in this picture. Itusy mapping
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a yearly salary and handsome gifts payable from the
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the ufaomic and congestive symptoms that it causes, in the
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