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more frequent with the smooth kidney ; whereas, heart disease, atheroma,
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ing a fist and alternately spreading the fingers and bringing them together.
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namely, "epithelial infection," and says: "The opin-
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operation* in private practice. Instruction will be given by examinations and lectures in the interval
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verse simple fracture of the right patella through its mid-
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for that qualification. " That the qualification so conferred
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affords much hope ; and this only when, at an early stage of the
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The iodids have long been in vogue in connection with
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an equal tension on all the traveling parts, and adjusts the parallels to any ine-
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strong and deep convictions and tenaciously maintained them, yet
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gery- Midland Q. J. M. Sc., Loud., 1858, ii, 475-485. Also.
as possible, corrected. Rosacea developing at the menopause is often
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wear false limbs comfortably, except one case of double
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Stone in the Bladder, and in all Diseases of Uric Acid Diathesis, I knovr of no remedy at all compar-
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responsibility is involved, which is to be highly com-
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relations of the diaphragm and pleura in cases where abnormality of the rib
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One particular type of this disease, to which Edmund
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contents of the rectum and perhaps of the sigmoid will per-
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resemble very closely the Langhans giant cells of tuberculosis.
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son continues " the same causes, that, applied to one person,
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heart. Nothing could be farther from a true presen-
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Seven persons being in one room, representing, respec-
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plaints. Dr. Darwin has used it in peripneumonia trachealis in the
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ance of having been made with a downward blow of the hammer,