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Ettrick Lodge, EdinbargU. At home, Moffat, on June l.'ithand 16th.

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undertake hou^e to house vaccination in the Caddy Field and Siddal

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In Yorkshire, both Bradford and Halifax were last week again numer-

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ment through local registrars of births, and are already

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case he had seen greatly distended lymphatic vessels which

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salicylic treatment. He observed that in his experience the

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lateral ligaments shortened. He thought that the contrac-

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satisfactory, because the abscess cavity had not been properly

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nations boasting a high degree of civilisation, and enjoying a

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When the organs reach the laboratory their coveringsare at once

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which was found on operation to be a very thick gestation

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The chance of infection diminishes progressively from the

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apparent. In all other respects the child was perfectly

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ally propagate those maladies, for an oven is practically a disinfecting

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Valentine, Inverurie : G. J. .A. Watson, M.A , Strichen ; G. A.

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In the various cases that have been in "Martha" within this last year,

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possible, and that, perchance, the progress of the disorder

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cyst, as the daughter cysts may require to be evacuated by a

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from the uterus which has been designated metrostaxis.

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tional disturbance recurred corresponding to the merst'ual

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W. A. Brailey, Treasurer ; and Mrs. Durham and Mrs.

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He says that, " to si'^ak the truth, nystagmus does interfere

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extra year. Five years' continuous service in India is as much as anyone

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(^n the completion of the incision and capsulotomy, the

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read a letter from SirJosepli Lister, requesting subscriptions

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by persons obtaining death certificates, and in each case they

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ciation desire to remind members of the profession engaged

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paedic, M., 2.30 ; Dental, Tu. F., 9. Operation Days.—U. Tu. W.

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general infection. This conclusion surely is in direct oppo-

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their small pox hospital ships. They now await conlirma-

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the incision. It should then be freely incised and completelj'

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on his part to challenge the vote of the House at the present