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before and after the antitoxin injection. Nonvirulent
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ened state. This condition lasted but a few hours, and no other
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twenty-five years since. A. McNeil, M. D., who has written a
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the eye tires, accuracy decreases. Raise the eyes fre-
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Ten grains of thymol may be added to an ounce of soft paraffin, or simple
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hours with -^ to -^ the lethal dose of typhoid bacilli, an immunity is pro-
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ever, the attack began in the early stages of anesthetization,
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cases the mesenteric glands are also enlarged. The spleen is generally
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drugs. An energetic protest is made against maliciously or igno-
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a stupe is useful. A light application of ice over the abdomen is sometimes
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(ophthalmia neonatorum), which may result in blindness. Adults
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5. Ring-form trophozoite showing pigment in cytoplasm, in an enlarged
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face. A dark red color in the reagent is a positive test;
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urine in cubic centimeters. The black circles indicate the twenty-four-hour
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pamphlet on " Pure Homoeopathy" and his "Address." * I think
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Eucalyptus globulus, which recovered in a little over three weeks The dose for
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subsequent general manifestations. Sanarelli, however, regards it as
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suddenly, and without warning, lost my reason. Neither my
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cells should be washed three times in physiological saline
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Complications and sequelae may almost be said not to exist in rubella.
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dead, they are soon forgotten. Thus will it undoubtedly be with
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from a cerebral hemorrhage and autopsy showed no nephritis.
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larged and improved. To those who are not already familiar
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shall make careless or light thought concerning it impossible.
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Occasionally it is diffluent. On microscopic examination, small masses of
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hardly admit of an exact statement being made of the extent to which it
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throughout its length showed considerable atheromatous change.
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Irregular diphtheria. — External wounds and abrasions may become
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the agar of the top half. Oxygen is more or less com-
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entirely with the left lung, and his face wore an exceedingly dis-
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and therefore to the three factors mentioned, namely, hyperplasia of the connective
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of their own, and the other had thrown away the milk supplied to them the day
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mechanical stimulation of sexual organs that might cause ovu-
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trated HC1 diluted to 100 ml) in a small vial. The material is
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uterus until it returns clear. The abdomen is never bandaged in
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the whole dressing can be removed, leaving a perfectly formed
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while for the predisposed tuberculosis is an easily transmissible disease.
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cially destructive to the silver backing.) Clean and dry
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for four or five days. I also got a cough which was very troublesome.
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associated with exertion, or with the rapid extension of the pneumonic
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marked with certain species, such as CI. novyi. The