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and appears during the third to the fifth week of the disease. Unilateral

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gested theory, any prolonged lowering of the nutrition or

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where the intracellular or cytoplasmic forms are constant and numerous.

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public expense. All articles capable of disinfection without injury should

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they found 39 per cent., when large areas were consolidated, 54 per cent.

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during a small local outbreak both the morbidity and mortality of scarlet

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of infection is also a point of some value, and the occurrence of the disease

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fewer people that the patient sees the better. This may be difficult in

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and resulting abbreviation of life. The paper of Prof. Rune-

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the acute and more marked renal troubles, but in some of the

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be impossible. The s^nnptoms are similar to those of pericarditis due to

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The writer cannot agree with those views which take the physical character-

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on the infected land. The method of inoculation requires

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rather quickly, leaving purplish brown spots which in a day or two become

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of albuminuria. The cases of acute nephritis occurred late in the disease

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The exact nature of the infection, however, has led to much controversy,

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In 275 autopsies on patients dead of pneumonia at the Philadelphia

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number of bacilli varies; there may be only a few or they may be so numerous

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tion and offers no special peculiarity; fatty chan^-es occur in the cells, which

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amount of oedema is sufficient to interfere with respiration. This explains why

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may be regarded as indicating the velocity of the chemical reactions that

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the production of the local lesions of rheumatism in the same