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Let us first look over a little the clinical experiences

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mortii slight ; sternnm prominent. The abdominal carity contains, perhaps,

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cases the sputum is negative, but when the disease has become sys-

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band was properly treated, and was, as far as could be

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really retains sensation, though she does not consciously perceive ; and

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she suddenly began to howl like a dog, to contract her face in a most ridiculous

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cation. The earlier theory of the gastro-intestinal origin of chlorosis is

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with those who were enthusiastic as to their efficacy,

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sistance of the pulse are diagnostic. ' Both leucocytes and ery-

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In the Crimean campaign, M. Legonest quoted 24 cases of frac-


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passage of one or both sides, usually the latter. Thus, there may be a \'al\'e^

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disease that afflicts humanity in this part of the world comes to

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cated solely to the financial support of the graduate

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nothing characteristic of syphilis was found, the condition

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time the principal scene of Dr. Snow's scientific exertions. In 1852,

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small depression into which it partially fits. The posterior inferior

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; uk the devitali-ed t-.bre-. It in anv ua) the rapidil-. of the process

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treatment to adopt, with the consent of the parents, to whom he ex-

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it we have the liermetie medical work of the ancient

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combined, are only required occasionally and for a few weeks on any

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Analysis permits of the statement that this artificial disease differs

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acid to snuff. The infusion of tobacco distilled in balneum 7na~

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facts in the matter are hard to obtain, and my thanks are

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[prescribed in a pill by one of the physicians. The symptoms came on in

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The actual number of current periodicals received during the

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is allowed to settle. In order to test whether enough of the silver

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Broustet the thickened dura mater was converted into fibrous tissue, com-

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nation of that journal is quite in order, because Dr. Aulde