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orrheal discharges this treatment is imperative. — British Medical Journal.

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St. Bartliolomew's Hospital. — Inclusive fee, 20 guineas.

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attention is more certainly productive of good ixsults when

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First Roiv, left to right: Lee Mac Keach, Charleston, S. C; O. Joe Looper, Poteau, Okla.;

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cers of the army particularly distinguished in the natural

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83d lecture saw mentioned the case of small-pox which occurred in the Penitentiary.

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exercise if the hand or foot be placed in hot water and at the

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by very strong fibres of the transversilis fascia (Fig i. A).

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by such firm adhesions that it cannot expand. Gentle

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thus 40.2 per cent. The preservation of as much of the limb as possible has,

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cation of the symbols CH,N.^O. We have here the difficulty of

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have so long presided with such dignity and honor to yourself

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same weight as the same distinction in cranial hemor-

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of surgical science — and not simply for personal and

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in genito-urinary diseases, membership is not limited to

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hours preceding the date : July 8th, grains, 6816 ; 9th, grs. 9852 ; 10th, grs. 10,962 ;

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in any measure influential in producing this disease

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The case in many respects was a particularly difficult one. Tlie

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muscles. The bladder having first been carefully emptied, a

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ate as regards weather and as regards having a most comfort-

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remarked that the difficulties were greatly lessened in cases where the

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" That it is manifestly unjust to the whole profession

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alteration significant of bacterial infection. Their relation to

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His recovery was certainly aided by his owTi good will. He

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cure for tuberculosis in this country, he was a strong advocate of rest in

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A mode of effecting the first object, . viz., the removing of the liquid,

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this period of pregnancy. They frequently occur dur-

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upon the generosity of the public, since they would, in furnishing a

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T*he hollow pessary of a globular form is the best. As-

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licensing bodies and to go to the Continent for diplomas.

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periods above quoted, the farriers of note and the rid-

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I quote from Dr. Z. B. Adams's very interesting paper 1