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bated for 18-20 hours at 37 C, and smears stained with Loeffler's alkaline

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Peripheral Diseases will begin publication in February,

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Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas, Iron, and Sawyer counties

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tubercle and leprosy, and for staining spores in bacilli. The

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Strassburg, Venice and Augsburg, turned out ponderous folios remarkable

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Sesamoiditis may also arise from an injury to the inferior part

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Forms of Neuritis with Special Reference to Treatment," the paper show-

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enjoy full health, their ailments are of such a character as to

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ive medicine. To an interesting and timely communi-

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atmosphere, winds and storms, dew, rain, climate, volcanoes, earthquakes,

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pyaemia had come, but power to prevent it lingered. The mortality from

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whether we are observing a morphological variation of the human

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the matter ? " Smith made no immediate reply, but continued to groan,

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Vagotonia. — In a well marked case of vagotonia, hunger contrac-

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prefer the single authoritative absolute rule which is seen

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They can be inserted with very great facility ; and can be worn for any length

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a general depression of the vital powers. Shock, hemorrhage, heat

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the intestinal ulcers, and that the severity of the catarrh varies just as

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cautious, self-denying and probably covertly envious. Therefore, these are

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these hands ; and one of the most successful of the

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be greatly increased in cases which are already gravely ill or in

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hypothetical " protyle " — that pre-elementary cosmic stuff from which all

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temperature accompanying any of the forms of insanity,

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terior outline of the liver, but also lay on the quadratus in the