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(3) Specimen showing (?) Ulceration of the Left Internal Carotid Artery

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are unusually frequent in places where the disease is endemic, they

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1966. Keeney, Arthur H., Wills Eye Hospital (19130)

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these fibres cross lower at the decussation of the pyramids. The result is that a lesion

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hampered nor is his asepsis endangered by the proximity of the

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The enzymes may be extracted from the feces by means of glycerin or bits of

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ing on the surface, or in the thickness of the tunica vaginalis, or the

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advanced in years. As a physician he commanded our respect

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nitro-glycerine and strychnia nitrate. We must distin-

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urethra on the 28th. She became about this time subject to

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properties in virtue of which it transfers itself to the interstices of the

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even three diplococci are occasionally seen joined end to end, but this

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ture, rainfall, and humidity, and geological factors.

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ciating and contributing to its advances, is a remarkable feat.

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llie digestibility of fat is apparently unaltered by.boiling ;

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In the first volume, treating of diseases of the urinary

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have been inclined to attribute it to other causes ; but the effect

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There is a marked tendency to the formation oi fibrous tissue.

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hereditary ataxia has been compared. — Archives of Pe-

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of tuberculous cervical Ivmphnodes in in- hands for seven or eight minutes with a