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fhrough the fissure, cured hy operation. — The child, Eliza Fislier, was admitted

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Dr. Amidon asked if the cerebral tumor was vascular

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Tiii, Festbd. Axel Key . . ., no. 7, 1-14.— Hotz (F. C.)

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eyes as if she were about to faint. I ran quickly for

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ligature was known and used by the Egyptian surgeons at

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aggravated by collateral fluxion, the result of pressure upon the abdom-

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tendency for the red corpuscles to cling together and to the

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of pathological distinction between them and inflammations.

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tions. The Royal College of Surgeons, snug, rich, and lofty, came

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certificate on his diploma. This ends that case in the lower courts. The

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of the physician than for that of his patient." The truth

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Wirsung's duct and thus to produce dilatation of the intrapancreatic

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tain that the differentiation of these species is not based on sufficient

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tion, the lever has, by virtue of an acquired quick-

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of manufacturing Thomsonian Botanic Medicines, exclu-

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occurred in Devonshire, to mention the strong prejudice which existed in that

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instead of a scar, a cyst is formed which encloses a clear straw-

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and especially a marked postorbital soreness are important features.

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teaspoonful each half hour. It will quiet the fever and conges-

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2 " Wo liegen die Leprabacillen 1 " Deidschen Med. TFochenschrift, No. 8,

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cretary or Censors; when sanctioned by a vote of the majority of the

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The first case has illustrated some of the points by means

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been successful. Two of these cases were read in de-

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1810, Mr "bwms on the PrincipUi of Midwifery, life. 101

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been employed all these months. Drs. Cowles, Maynard and Haynes kindly

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value of percussion as a means of diagnosis, and the proper

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and simmered down to a thick syrup, makes a useful plaster for

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the broad subject of inflammatory conditions of the whole uterus. But

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ditioned upon any fixed relation between the classes of nutrients in its

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delphia, I determined to seek repose in travel and in change of scene.

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this disease. He also believed that the function of the

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ng the upper limits of tympanitic resonance. In other cases the

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cunty physician in his trials and tribula- g'^tidsof internal secretion, thyroid ovaries,