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dislocated epithelium ; (4) the theory of the parasites. In
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it is more liable to be followed by fistula, infiltration, and abscess. As respects
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little later, besides quoting with approbation the sentence from Rindfleisch,
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One is not infrequently consulted by a patient who has just had a first
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"That the ear and its neighbourhood should be subject to neuralgia can
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degradation, the sclerous tissue being formed out of the effete material
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It is proper to say that this spi.-cial treatment was
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writing. There is no disorder of intelligence, no lack of ideas, and
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precise quantity injected into the system, determine the
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celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the passage
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ing soil pollution, in the purification of water, and in the disposal of
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tion on the first day, and scarcely ever returns after the second.
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eighty-six years old. A very wealthy man in our county was lying on
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floating bodies in the thecae of tendons, is next discussed, and in
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only 0.42, less than half of the normal. The white blood-corpuscles
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tion. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston, S(m, & Co., 1 889.
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idiopathic fever are due to such anaemia consequent on contraction of
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has a small range between systolic and diastolic pressures (20-30)
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For the purpose of improving general tone, as well as regulating and
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(A) Ataxic Symptoms. — Where these symptoms arise carbonate of
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ing in dilatation of the vessels of cochlea, which, by
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mon crust, taking care that it is thick enough to keep the gravy
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cases of congestive headache is accounted for by its
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iquire of the Editor of this Journal, or of Dr. Rictiaidsy of Ciareiaont, N. H. Oct 7
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and that of his colleague— he did not consider the procedure essential.
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Average age of appearan e 36 years. 48 years. 47 years.
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his or her official duties as a director of the fund.
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ate in a position corresponding to several of the molar
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subsequently explained that the case was an obscure one,
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These enemata may be simply of warm water, to which a little
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mucosa of the upper three-fourths of the spec'men was
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aware of a tumor in her right breast in the spring of 1869. In February, 1870,
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waken to their duty to the public, then I believe that we would
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diseases is one of fermentative or putrefactive alterations in
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additional Tables on the Mechanism of Natural, Unnatural, and Complex
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masked ; i)ont ile hemorrhage is said i)ai'tieular]y to sinudate ()i)ium jxjisfminfi:,
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diseases. Moreover, when a child with pertussis, measles, typhoid fever,