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4. Arlen M, Higinbotham NL, Huvos AG. et al: Radiation-induced sarcoma of

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abandoned, when this method of treatment was relegated to

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masks, but now-a-days they can afford to go face naked, and without the

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due to occlusion of a vessel or to a small haemorrhage, while the latter,

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13. — Pagliari (F.) Contribute alia conoscenza del pa-

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and abscesses, hypertrophy of the prostate; with an exhaustive

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typical in the C programming environment. The output file is saved and retrieved for

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recognized as of great importance, and types of mental disease -which

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pericardial friction sound is often a valuable criterion, and for this purpose

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Allg. Ztschr. f. Psychiat. [etc.], Berl., 1888, xlv, 364-398.—

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determining the clear sound at the upper end of the sternum, and bring-

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introducing India-rubber bags into the womb while collapsed,

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rather edema or serous exudation into the surrounding tissue

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fact we may learn that we ought not to expect to find in the trans-

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In regard to the second indication, it may be stated that patients are not

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exposed to the air. It is not known that they can grow in healthy tissues or

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accustom himself without any great disturbance of his health ?

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community in which he lived. He had no thought of util-

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tincture of veratrum viride, five minims, every half hour, hypo-

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