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naturally suggested by the ascertained pathology of rayx-
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mucous surface, by the effusions which they pour forth. This relief,
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it is time to render to the physicians of the Heath Hospital the Justice which is due to them ; it ought to be known
having been most gratifying. Thirteen were graduated.
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The reading of the minutes of the last meeting was dispensed
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A progress i ve I y larger number of very ill patients, including children,
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quantity of blood they contain. In the majority of instances, also, this
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liver, spleen, and in pleurisies, ad deilquium animi,
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hold ahroad ; and, second, that tlie desit;nation of
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and passions of man. This is not true of any other class of disease, and
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two weeks. lias occasionally experienced pain there since, but has
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parts exposed to pressure — sacrum and trochanter — take on gangrenous in-
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sobbing under emotion ; yawning and irregular under fatigue ; and
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meetings that are to take place during the ensuing week,
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ill the me-enter\ nrvr i;o,,d. A hot Jotli. U.u\ it been proeuraMe. would
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the formula. Mean Temp. = Min. + {Max. — Min. x .485)
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discharge a thin, foetid, acrid sanies, which corrodes the
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An Analysis of Sources of Error in the Wassermann Reaction with the Require-
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lumbar region. The abnormal urine was tirst noticed in August, 19011 This
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soluble vitamin, the roots next, and gTains last of all. The effect of
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2-D echocardiography were analyzed to see whether they
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of softening of the brain, I may mention that I was re-
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made up of ideas and sense perceptions and sensation,
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™^SSfldSSer,ind the body had been speedily buried a decided
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through the floor of the nasal septum : the whole of those structures could be
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■with the College of Surgeons is the finest museum of com-
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pirited he and his attendants may appear, the physician must not feel
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the results of operative treatment of exophthalmic goitre itself and of the
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