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that, apart from tuberculosis, cystitis may and does occur
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dressers, or as labourers in lead and other factories. As the
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The scar in the brain itself does not lend itself to operative
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accomplished by holding the ear at a little distance from the stethoscope,
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will be arrested, although a cure is not to be expected. The patient is to
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the school were invited to the exercises, and the program consisted of a
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ing, only as it serves to delude some shallow thinker into
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constipation was treated by enemata and purgatives immediately after
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reveals that persistent tumor in the surgical specimen
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specific and remote effects of a perfectly definite and
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August 1 2th. — The babe nursed well, taking about
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though imperfect recovery, and from that time until the present has had
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Lewis A. Stimson, M.D., Professor of Surgery, Cornell Uni-
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contracted^) may be accompanied by oedema and ursemic symptoms,
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eration and necrosis. The straight tubules often contain hyaline, epithe-
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lOh. 45m. Severe internal spasms ; five inspirations per minute.
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other conditions which sometimes very closely simulate it. Thus we must
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whole may be said to have died when both respiration and heart beat
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was acting. Here was a case showing a perfect reflex in
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pared by saturating a mixture of formaldehyde (forty per cent solution) and
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aid us in arriving at a diagnosis. Sometimes it was attended by symp-
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while in the evening the difference may be as much as 1.7°. The
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rather less than one per cent in over three thousand cases reported in
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of nominations. This matter of a change in the Committee on
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absorbed cantharidine. This latter view seems to me to be the
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the arterial tension is so great that even with compen-
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agree with these findings or deny the value of antihyper-