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such the Svapnia will be found to be much preferable to crude Opium or Morphia.

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Gobillar J, published in the " Union medicale du Nord-Est." That au-

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tion of the children was bad, yet the mother assured me their

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" When an abscess forms it should be opened. The opening

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pointment. The learned judge said it was perfectly plain

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The first inhalations should always be short, and with warm

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inducing a degree of debility in the sphincter ani, which renders them

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publication in book form, it will not be amiss if we briefly

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atrophy) ; (6) grave general symptoms, as albuminuria, edema, ascites, cardiac

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half weeks. The anasarca disappeared completely, and never re-

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the middle and latter stages of fever, is chicken broth. I do not speak

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of blood, which appeared to suspend the convulsions for four

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18. Calori describes certain synovial sheaths which he has found within

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or who are otherwise unfitted for the dangers and hardships of cer-

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parts of the frame ; or in alteration of the textures, which

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viz., the limitation of the murmur to the right heart and pulmonary

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stand suspension for any length of time. Therefore, it is

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miliary tuberculosis which he finds may show every transition to

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logical lesions and in old cultures. Spore formation is unknown.

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marked collection of fluid, pia being raised above brain three-eighths

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acute uremic symptoms with little previous warning. In the acute

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time confounded with a great variety of other diseases. The Anglo-

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larger number of cases than we have been able to col-

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Kidneys: Capsules are mottled with many small hemor-

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made. How far one is justified in performing an ex-

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not easily uprooted when once it has taken seed and arrived

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and Hull ; with the Hospitals at Belfast, "Waterford, Glasgow,

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this phenomenon is due to a lack of the anti-immune body which the blood

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