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theoretical in their character, relating to this very subject, were received

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trichinosis; at least children recover from trichina poisoning, from

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whether it be botulism, encephalitis lethargica, or influenza — we do not

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symptoms of hoarseness and dyspnoea began four years ago. In Novem-

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an analogous condition to the disease called ))n)gre8-

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in London in 1845, having the subject in a state of hypnosis. The

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dry, bracing atmosphere and absence of humidity, absolute freedom from malaria and mo^quiloes.

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combined with a strict diet. Among other sudorific woods in popu-

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himself, and to choose for his permanent residence that spot in which

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these days called sceptics — were opposed to his own. The personal

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strongly research oriented. The rise of these institutions since Abraham Flexner’s visit to all of the

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frequently results from an acute or sub-acute broncho-pneumonia from

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Moreover, excretory glands to functionate properly depend on other

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came painful and indurated, with slight redness of the over-

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Emmerich and Pettenkofer swallowed cholera cultures, the former experiencing a

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unconscious, and which can neither be excited nor restrained by volition. The first class of

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the ulna can be moved backward and forward does not furnish him

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valuable case of word-deafness (with lesions in both upper temporal con-

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diphtheria during childhood' seems to be explainable by several circum-

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an evaluation of these latter patients, for selecting the cases

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test of the origin of the fat. It is of equal, if not greater, importance

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more, but during the next three days she felt great uneasiness, with

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j)utrescent portion in order to prevent blood-poisoning. For

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has set in, in the metabolism of the diabetic or starving individual,

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is occasionally prescribed in rickets as a source of phos-

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then to stain by running on a few drops of saturated watery

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Statistics . There were 3,275 adult patient programs, with an average of 11

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The localization of brain functions has been raised from the level of

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cases, which were very carefully studied, as well as in the

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in cases which are reactive to other arsenicals. Stress nuist be laid

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sumption here that the inflammatory reaction frequently

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22. Three Reports by the Joint Deputation of the Society of Apothecaries

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brought about by a variety of different causes. It is a well-recognized fact