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be obtained in the near future for any large body of the general popula-

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were too ill to cooperate intelligently in the collection of the samples

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our microscopic studies show that hemophilic platelets under favorable

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with cardiac overload. Barach and Marks 7 state that according to their

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included in Table 5, which presents a summary of work on urine.

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The Wassermann reaction was positive in both the blood and spinal fluid,

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luria and thoracic-duct obstruction is clearly shown by the above

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consequence of these painful feelings, the limb is kept motionless by

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The diet was approximately 25 gm. of protein, 4 gm. sodium chlorid and

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of the negative serum with the minimal amount of a positive serum

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aneurysm in an advanced case extends over a much wider area than

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suddenly stricken with apoplexy, the post-mortem examination showed

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this house many times, staying night and day. In April, 1913. while here on

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those described by Reiss for the asthenic type of uremia, that is,

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ventricles are moderately dilated. It is of course impossible to make any

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walls, the slowing of the circulation within them, and their promi-

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to yield much more glucose by our experiments than another example,

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however, that the separation of tissue involved in this cut was greater

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PART I. — «A General Survey of the Pro'cess of Inflammation

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ments of the strip. In the exceptional instances there was no uni-

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A peculiarity of the phlebitis of chlorosis or ansemia is the ten-

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tion of the contractions. The tracing is interrupted between "2" and "4."

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This gain in weight due to retention of nitrogen and of water can

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narrowed the mouths of the two coronary arteries. In the majority

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the symptoms may be sometimes severe. The gravest signs are fur-

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At necropsy there was found a gliomatous tumor in the left hemisphere,

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