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(1) Ihat in certain Districts a comparatively severe ex-

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the same may be said. A few days since, we vrere called to see a case

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the hopes of the patient, and of writing harmless prescriptions for him,

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of black vomit, especially after it has undergone putrefactive changes in the stomach, may be

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Symptoms. — Minute, irregular, translucent vesicles appear

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Ammonia may be used as a stimulant, either constantly, at repeated

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Motor Functions. — Ori^anic reflexes are normal, except tlie occa-

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prove that the lymphocytic change is parallel to that in the case of

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edly. The practical value of the investigations consists in this,

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forgotten the causation of illness by products of the bacteria them-

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are given, asphyxia may result from an insufficient admixture of air.

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distinguished between congenital and acquired uterine displacement. As a

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growth. Levulose 3 per cent, good culture, strong odor. Galactose 3 per cent, good

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metastasis in the ovary : three years after the operation she was well.

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Studies of their third and fourth years (see p. 287 : Class Exami-

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more accurately than with the ordinary finger method. Ewart emphasizes the value

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and in degenerating new formations. A part which has become

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you will watch the one on Wednesday with greater interest. —

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meeting of the Academy will be held at the New York

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form a distinct stratum, and then leave the jar undisturbed in a uni-

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cific gene loci, thereby eliminating disease. We have

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and typlius fevers, to be of the utmost importance, and by some as the

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ate the intestine. Defecation, however, must take place sooner or

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operated in a few special cases, as spiral and oblique

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so far as it is not the result of its use in disease, no foundation.

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takable. Clinically I had already come to the conclusion

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tion of granting licenses for experiments in the inoculation of hydrophobia.

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