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that in bronchopneumonia we find both pneumonic consolidation of

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The malaria organisms were found in 90 per cent, of all the cases;

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wound obstinately refuses to close. When cystitis has ap-

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That this Council is of opinion that the system under which the work

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■ some Points io Relation to the Development of the Heart.

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The services of Surgeon-Captains F. C. Clarkson, C. C. Cassidy, and A.

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extensors, so as to cause that characteristic wrist-drop sometimes seen

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when local tenderness to pressure commences and its area progressively

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pronoimced in patients who suffered from tinnitus or loss of hearing.

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and are often accompanied by tremors. Paralyses are not so common,

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above. VVe are also indebted to the papers by D. Brown, F.O.S.,

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nated with earthy salts the water may be. At first sight it

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There is a large question, which I forbear to discuss-

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In inflammations of mucous membranes the pain, if moderate in degree,

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The early diagnosis of diphtheria is of great importance, and we

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known as the Hope Collection) to be arranged and classified. For this

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equally serious obstructions. In most cases of stenosis of the mitral

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hands of the College. The Council might take it as quite

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ing incidents too prone to precipitate on the imagination.

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I can assure you that the removal of a growth of the

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follows: Anatomy, £1,100: Chemistry, £9'io ; Physiology, £900 ; Pathology,

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tion of the contents of such lobxiles prepares the way for tubercular