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Woolhouse Sbaw, Oakham ; Walter Tracy Walker, Maidstone.

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had introduced, it broke across, leaving one inch and a half of the

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Urine dear, yellow, acid; specific gravity 1.018; slightest possible trace of albumin

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and flatus escaped. In a fortnight's time the patient

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water so he can have a four-foot rod inserted in the

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Straits Settlements : Singapore, March 30-April IS, 3 deaths.

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The statement has been frequently made that medical legislation

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Regnauld). Its action was found to be very slow, as it took

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great majority of physicians busy with their work will need no other, while

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some of the sickening barbarities of surgery ; Harvey had solved two

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November 1, 1918. See Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., 1919, xii (Sect. Laryngol.), p.

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Asylum, and Dr. Wigg has been elected Pathologist to the

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phate of Quinia, one grain of Powdered Camphor, and one grain of Capsicum, to be given

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on board a transport steamer, which was in constant service steaming

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nificantly the opinions of all those practical hospital surgeons who

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Pereira with a certain class of inquirers into the principles of pharmacological

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Treatment. — The principal point to be attended to in inflamma-

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Dr. Knapp (11) in his report of seven cases of ethmoid-

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Gasne (rare case), Deutsche Chiruigie, 1898, vol. 1. p. 28 ; Rev. Neurol., 1900

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The house dust mites Dermatophagoides farinae, Derma-

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act as conductors or natural stethoscopes. By placing the fingers of the

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wall, surrounding the point of impact the skull is de-

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Let us strip our profession of every thing that looks like mystery

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ing the propositions advanced upon empirical grounds, that can-

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ever, in the present state of our knowledge, we believe that our find-

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such a time. Holding another person's hands, likewise, affords relief to

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PLEURISY. — This is an inflammation of the pleura, or

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we are expressly told, is to be treated like a noisy cat in a sick

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muscular structures. Its origin from the lower six ribs and their