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One case in illustration : A girl, eighteen years old, had both tibiae
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is desirable that some other epithet than simply that indicating the color
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Spinal Meningitis Anatomical Characters Clinical History Pathological Character-
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I practice, the most frequent association by far is with intermittent fever,
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misrepresentation. This would not be detrimental to the interest of
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professional associates, excluded him from their fellowship, and
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burning jet connected with two or more tubes, and com-
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Dr. J.William White, of Philadelphia, thought that the
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these worms are harboured in large numbers there is no doubt that thej
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directors of the Crichton Royal Institution and Southern
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substances, dans la farine et daus le pain, par les rayons
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born a little prior to Hippocrates, but lived contemporary with
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uncured, and towards the end of October he was received into
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Health Department during the week ended June 15, this being
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made on the thirty-fifth day after inoculation on moist sheep's
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sides, on the other hand, are bound in the strongest way not to do anything*
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of Langerhans. According to Kohn, the carotid gland and the coccygeal
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that there have been false habits of feeding, micro-
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idiopathic fever, the local lesions being the result of, and not
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an excessive amount of urates, presenting a condition of uric acid deposit
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has hitherto been supposed, and, especially, that a condition of hema-
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several individuals by patients who had contracted the disease elsewhere.
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sion only a discharge of the faeces with comparative-
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Unfortunately for the good of the country at large, and judging
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One might point out the danger of this abuse in our county asy-
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tion or disease of the nervous centers, occurring either
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ism is found in a variety of cases of very different