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cera is a strong solution of glue, colored with red lead; or an injec-

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Venereal Diseases ; Diseases of the Eye and Ear ; Phy-

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dence of former organic cerebral disease. There had been no

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certain cases almost impossible, without the assistance

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remedy. A large amount exudate calls for a large dose of antitoxin. A

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number of dogs to study not only the general metabolism but

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recuperative power, and looks better. Not so anemic; has better appetite.

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ness, when the child would fall back in a passion. During the time they con-

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dermically administered. I procured the following : 5

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A box 16J X 16 in. square, and 8 in. deep contains 1 bushel.

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numerous, and especially in the case of that furnished from small estab-

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free after the bursting of the capsule, and giving rise to a new

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haematoxylin — preferably Delafield's solution — to color the

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Remarks.— Dermatoziasis in the wider sense of the word means

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and he was strengthened in this belief by the observation

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was a continuation of the author's former paper on the


perverted action, or arrests its operations. There is reason, therefore, to

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inch and in longitudinal three-eights of an inch before the

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the placenta approaches complete occlusion of the os internum,

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Until recently I considered flexible collodion to be

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Several authorities advise emptying the improve greatly and may appear to have

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dollars. It is true, however, that this effort was resisted and

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serological test results may be misinterpreted if cer-

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certain periods, but in these the periods are always uncertain,

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and eleventh ribs in the axillary line. By inserting the finger through

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cardiac, the sexual, and so forth ; as will presently appear.

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woman, and child, since few else will thrive well."

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to transmit to their offspring a diathesis favorable to the development

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■■'■ See Willan's Cutaneous Diseases, p. 235. Also his Diseases of

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Subsequently to this period, the Governors of the New- York Hospital

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equal parts of carbolic acid and glycerine applied freely

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for 1889. The first number contains an interesting essay

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sheds free from pollution led to the in stj.llt tion of

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and he suffers less pain in the limb, and there is some improvement

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relish for food, and may, consequently, eat but little,

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majority of the experiments were made with a much higher concentra-